Boycott The Age of Discovery Property in Star Trek Online and it's Licensed Properties

Boycott The Age of Discovery Property in Star Trek Online and it's Licensed Properties

December 9, 2018
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Why this petition matters

Started by New World Orginization

The Tardigrade Game made by an Egyptian game designer by Anas Abdin created in 2015 was recorded on copyright records in the U.S., Star Trek Discovery with suspicious design principles copyrighted their work and was recorded, created in 2017. The characters being mentioned if people are unaware fall into a discussion of adaptation and with CBS not mentioned with Rights and Permissions to use it.

With most of the news being placed on internet sites and videos discussing this and with the CBS Attorney declining to answer the questions and with a gaming programmer who applied a copyright work from a foreign country. The copyright holders seem to refuse to show accountability and to comply with Copyright Laws in the United States, meaning CBS is more like China stealing intellectual property rights, with an applied tariff. 

The New World Organization has declared a Boycott of all digital and physical properties of Age of Discovery and Star Trek Discovery before their second season of the series airs next year in 2019.

If anyone who is created their work in a digital and/or physical form and submit their work to the U.S. Copyright Office this is something for you to support on while your works can be involved in a copyright infringement case and the creators of Star Trek Discovery should be held accountable, as if they were slapped with a Tariff on China.

For people who play Star Trek Online 

Decommission your Age of Discovery Ships for the Discovery, only acquire a Star Trek ship from any of the existing mention ship classes including the ships from the Path to 2409. Making the assumption that these ships made by the Designers from Star Trek Enterprise, The Original Series and it's Moves, The Next Generation and the Movie sequels, Deep Space Nine, Voyager are not copyright infringing anyones copyright.

For Model Builders 

Only purchase models from Round 2 and other licensed companies that are not part of Star Trek Discovery, with the assumption that they are not violating U.S. Trademarks and other U.S. Licensing rules. 

For Television Audiences 

Watch any of the Star Trek shows on Heroes and Icons network, and exclude the short treks and the Season 2 episodes of Star Trek Discovery.

 Our copyrights will be respected and to show disrespect to all artists without permission is copyright infringement and our works deserve more respect than the people who created Star Trek Discovery.

Support the Tardigrades Page on STEAM

Follow the Tardigrades page on the Steam platform to show you support Anas' work.

Hashtag Justice for Anas

Hashtag #JUSTICEFORANAS in you comments on Nerdrotic, Overlord, and other social media channels to show your support for Anas Abdin for his creative work, while ignoring the rude comments from people who are giving the creator a hard time.

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