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Danette Chavis
New York, NY, United States

Apr 8, 2020 — 

Imagined having police storm into your home armed with tasers and guns, demanding your loved one exit upon threat of shooting him? Imagine your confusion as to "what is going on" acutely aware you could fired upon killed in an instant? Imagine a belief that if you simply "comply" and do as they've demanded, no one will be harmed or killed, yet watch your loved one "slammed to the ground and cuff" after complete compliance, while police dogs "tear into the meat of his legs". He is "cuffed" and subdued on the ground, screaming in agony, while you are held at bay,  by their weapons pointed at you! Your loved one is cuffed on the ground before his entire family, who are commanded and demanded to "get back" while their dogs "sink it's teeth into his skin" with a grip - they themselves are unable to undo.  But your life is being threatened if you intercede and watch as police "stomp on the other foot" as a further attempt to hold him in place...

I want you to get the graphics of what occurred here, from the perspective of those who suffered it. Because a video, doesn't convey the "horror" being experienced and felt. And until you understand it from the perspective of all victims, you will never understand the injustice that occurred here or the magnitude of the trauma inflicted. The whole house was assaulted, not just the man cuffed on the ground. And every life present was "threatened with death" although a natural inclination exists "to protect a loved one from harm or injury".

Put yourself in shoes of the victims "nation wide" who have endured these things without recourse or justice, who are made to live with it each and every day. Then perhaps the need for this demand will take on "new life" and move forward like lives really depend on it.

Danette L Chavis - National Action Against Police Brutality and Murder!


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