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Make it illegal to kill your own pets in Canada

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 In February 2018, Molly the Pig made the news when she was murdered by her owners in Duncan B.C after being adopted from the SPCA.

Molly was rescued from an animal hoarding situation and nursed back to health by the SPCA only to be adopted, killed, and eaten by her new owners who were supposed to protect her. They went on to brag about it on snapchat and laughed about it in social media posts. They went as far as to share photos of them preparing Molly's meat. Neither owners can be charged, as the Law in Canada is currently outdated in relation to animal cruelty, which makes it difficult to take action against people who abuse and kill their pets. Animal cruelty laws in Canada were written back in 1892 and contain several loopholes.

Join me in asking Nathaniel Erskine-Smith to bring Bill C-246, aiming to modernize the Animal Protections Act, back into debate in the parliament. Last time he tried to pass this important Bill it was shot down. If we show enough people care about this issue, politicians will give it the attention it deserves!

Join me in preventing further animal abuse in Canada!

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 News Articles Regarding Molly The Pig:

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