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Stop the Melissa Bachman show from broadcasting!

When I was young, nothing was more exciting than hearing the magnificent sound of the trumpets of National Geographic blaring on the TV in the other room. I often bargained with my mother to allow me to sit in front of the TV with my dinner, just so I wouldn't miss one exciting moment! National Geographic taught me the importance of conservation, made me aware of the issues, educated me and showed me the countless wonders of nature. But lately, the famous sound of trumpets has transformed into the sound of bugles. Bugles that sound to mark the death of our precious wildlife that National Geographic once protected. Bugles that sound to mark .... a trophy hunt!
In a shocking about face in moral direction, National Geographic has abandoned it's traditional stance of conservation and protection for a partnership with a trophy killer.  National Geographic has always been about celebrating life, but now it seems the celebration of life they are so well known for ... has turned into a celebration of death.
National Geographic has contracted trophy killer Melissa Bachman who will be part of a new show where the participants test their survival skills in a wilderness environment.
Melissa is a heartless trophy hunter who has killed hundreds of animals without purpose. National Geographic should distance themselves from her.  
Please sign this petition today and let National Geographic know that we do not support trophy killing.  We will not watch the Nat Geo channel until they agree not to condone or support trophy killing by doing business with wildlife killer Melissa Bachman.

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