Stop Dog: Impossible on Nat Geo Wild

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The Nat Geo Wild network claims they are "the only TV network that is 100% dedicated to animals and the people who love them" though they continually promote force and fear based dog training shows. Dog: Impossible not only showed outdated and fear based techniques but never fully resolved any behavioral issues with the dogs. Nat Geo Wild, true dog lovers or animal lovers for that matter want to see positive training not another version of the same old training that is detrimental to the welfare of the dogs being trained. If Nat Geo Wild would have done it's research it would have found hundreds of pages of data proving positive reinforcement training works and is a much better way to train an animal. If it works for animals in Zoo's it will also work for your beloved family pet without fear or force and has a long lasting effect for the lifetime of the dog not just a band aid for TV highlights. I would rather train my dog how to deal with their emotions in a proper manner instead of suppressing their emotional state.