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Stop the Nashville Zoo from Acquiring New Elephants!

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Wild animals belong in the wild, not in zoos. Not only are these animals often either stolen from their parents or forcibly bred, the captivity of these wild animals can lead to severe psychological problems, including zoochosis. For more information on zoochosis, see this video (very graphic):

Nashville Animal Advocacy recently applauded the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere for retiring their elephants to The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN, where the elephants will be allowed to live out the remainder of their lives in as natural an environment as possible, without being forced to breed or confined for small cages for humans to gawk at. However, our elation was short-lived when we found out they retired those elephants as part of a plan to acquire more animals. The elephants may likely be taken from the wild.

Even the zoo itself admits to these plans. Please see their website:

Many zoos around the country are realizing the inhumanity of keeping elephants in zoos. Zoos in Virginia, South Carolina, Louisiana, and many other states (and even international zoos) have permanently retired their elephants, setting a powerful precedent and example for other zoos to follow. List of zoos without elephants:

Once animals are taken from their homes, they cannot be released back into the wild. Zoos are nothing more than animal entertainment, so please don't believe their lies of "conservation."

For more information on how zoos harm animals, please see:

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