The amount of Space Junk floating around in space which is harming our atmosphere!

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You signing this petition could change the way things work. All the space debris out there, crowding our atmosphere. I think Space Junk is a major problem as It can increase the chances of collisions, it is putting Human's in danger and the tiniest bit of it can create big damage. I think a new rule should be made on the number of things that are launched into space. because there is already more than enough space debris in space, and there is no need for it to increase the number it is already. Recently some researchers found 18,000 satellites in space and only 1,200 were still in their working life. What are all the other satellites doing there? What purpose do they serve to us, except to hog up our atmosphere? Is what humans are doing correct? Launching clumps of metal 'technology' into space to only destroy the beautiful world that was created! I think that instead of just saying that this is a problem, something must be done! How can we just be sitting there when what earth used to appear in books blue and green will turn out to be a metal ball? Is this what we really want? I believe that the inventions that are ready and made to get rid of space junk should be used not just laying there, I think that with every Satellite sent into space 2 satellites should come back to earth. Eventually reducing the amount of gunk in space. Even though to make a machine to get rid of just one piece of debris costs $15million if you think about it, when space debris increases in number then the chance of it crashing into satellites would be more likely, if say some debris were to bump into a $100million satellite, then we would start to think, that maybe if we made that machine this could've been avoided, so in this case it would've been cheap. Instead of saying space debris is increasing in number day by day, I think we should be able to say finally space debris is now reducing from the number it was before.