Rename Hubble Successor the Sally Ride Telescope

Rename Hubble Successor the Sally Ride Telescope

March 1, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jody Cummings

The Hubble Space Telescope has changed the way scientists and laypeople view the cosmos. 

Hubble is set to be decommissioned later this year. 

As of this writing, the new James Webb Space Telescope, reported to be more sensitive than Hubble, has a launch date set for October 31, 2021. 

While James Webb was a dedicated NASA officiial—the agency’s second appointed administrator, who oversaw the Apollo program—it has recently come to light that he was also instrumental in implementing policies that were dedicated to purging LGBT individuals from the workforce. 

We decry the outdated, outmoded, narrow-minded, and prejudicial practice of honoring those who seek (or sought) to marginalize and stigmatize any segment of society based on sexual identity/gender roles. There is no room, either in science or society at large, for anyone who denies the humanity of ALL world citizens. 

We propose renaming the James Webb Space Telescope the Sally Ride Space Telescope. 

Ride was the first American woman in space. 

She was the youngest American in space.

She was the first (acknowledged) member of the LGBT community in space.

Space exploration has always been about breaking down barriers, questioning conventional wisdom, and challenging the status quo. 

Who better to be acknowledged for those endeavors than Sally Ride, a woman who defied both the patriarchy and the proverbial glass ceiling?

The James Webb Space Telescope needs to renamed in Sally Ride’s honor. 

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Signatures: 109Next Goal: 200
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