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Provide Proper Safety Equipment to all Health Workers battling Covid19

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The real warriors fighting COVID19 selflessly need us.

Do you know them?

Do you know the people who are working day and night to ensure the Corona virus doesn’t spread?

They are the ones running check-ups at airports and hospitals.They are looking after those who have been quarantined. Yes, I am talking about our nurses, doctors and other health workers.

The COVID19 has caused an international health emergency. Health Workers are at the front of our fight against the dangerous disease. But, are they safe?

While we are working from home and can cut all our physical contact to stay safe, health workers do not have that option. They have put their lives and health in danger for the country and its citizens.

If not for them and their service, we cannot remain safe.

Many of these health workers do not have proper safety gear. The masks are not of high quality. They are very prone to getting infected themselves.

Cases across the world have already come to light. India has seen it’s very first one too. In Karnataka, a 60-year-old doctor from Kalaburagi has now been tested positive for coronavirus. He was treating a coronavirus patient.

This should be an alarm for us.

Please sign my petition asking the Health Ministry to ensure proper safety and precautions for health workers in hospitals, quarantine centers and airports.

They should immediately do the provide the following: 

  • Face mask of good quality which prevents infection
  • Face shield or goggles
  • Clean, non-sterile, disposable long-sleeved gown/a plastic apron and roll up sleeves
  • Pair of gloves

Please sign my petition because our health workers need to stay safe and protected. They have families to go back to. We need them.

Support me by signing and sharing this petition before one case turns into a massive problem.

Come together for our country’s health warriors!