Make Attacks on Doctors a Non-Bailable Offence

Make Attacks on Doctors a Non-Bailable Offence

1 April 2020
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Narendra Modi (Prime Minister) and
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Started by Sarika Verma

The Covid19 virus has on date infected more than 8 lakh people the world over and caused more then 44,000 deaths. While the whole world is advised social distancing , doctors and health workers continue to treat these highly infectious patients, often without adequate personal protective equipment and at a high risk to their own lives.

In Italy, the infection rate for Doctors and health workers is 10-12% ,much higher than that of general public because of close contact, aerosol viral load and long hours of exposure. The world over patients are blessing doctors who fight on the front line of the Covid19 epidemic.

In India, doctors are being beaten up yet again, this time for the deaths of covid19 patients. There is a limit to how much the medical fraternity can take and that line has been crossed. We work long hours in pitiable conditions, often without PPE but if we continue to be physically assaulted for Covid19 deaths then there seems to be no way forward for Indians to access healthcare in this country.

Modi ji, you give the example of soldiers on the borders. We too are soldiers fighting this disease practically with our bare hands. Please #STOPViolenceOnDoctors.

Make hitting a doctor or health worker a nonbailable offence with immediate effect so that we can work in peace.


Every Indian who abhors violence in solidarity with Indian Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Chemists.

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This petition made change with 2,18,943 supporters!

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