EVM with Display and Aadhar

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Dear Narender Modi,

                                 First of all thanks for your hard work Devotion and vision for Developing India. Thanks for your Movements like Aadhar,GST,Make in india,Digital India.

Your vision is entirely different from current Politicians of India that why i am great admirer of yours. We all vote you to remove Corruption and you are working on it.

Congress introduce Aadhar to India just like another card (Pan ,voter driving Card) but you have really used it in many of govt Schemes in banks Subsidy etc .

Aadhar should not act as a Card it should be passage to all gateways. Earlier 31st march is last date to link aadhar everywhere but you never pitch for linking Voter card with Aadhar may i know why??

Media houses are also busy in selling news they never pushed any linking of Aadhar and voter Id card why??

Opposition are also shouting after  every Election that EVM is hacked but i dont know why they come up with some transparent way??

After Analyzing Current Scenario of India we people of India can conclude that either everyone are corrupt and on same page(Govt,Opposition ,Media) or you dont have solution to above problem.

I am trying to solve Four major problem 

1)Dignity of Election commission #EVM

2) Total Cost in Election

3)Fake voting

4) Total cost of Voting

As we all know if election commission become corrupt then non of us can change govt and we people end up with revolt or Slavery .

EVM can be Hacked if Election commission is Involved in it.it is not rocket science just connect all button output to a single Symbol. Yes but it is impossible without election commission involvement that is also true.

now just use a machine which is having a finger print scanner and a Display .

using this machine a voter can see output of his vote and after voting he/she can test by pressing any key and see on display. Just like any Software have simulated Option.

Talking about how it works

when voter goes for  voting  first thing will not be inking on finger it should be finger print scanner which is linked to aadhar to validate voter eligibility to vote and machine respond Election commission staff if he/she is voting twice. In this way cross voting and voting of dead person by some other person come to an end.

it also save inking costing which is approximately 120 million and two staff who check voter id card at every booth. If we combine total save in staff it will reduce election expense by at lest 30%.

talking more about Machine rest of the parts will remain same only change is that voter card is replaced with Aadhar and voting machine come with Display. only button machine always generate boggle in mind that something fishy is happening.

so kindly try to stop corruption in election also and approve this new machine and setup as you people can even change constitution you are largest party in lok sabha and rajya sabha .you have state governments too in almost all part of country.

dont make aadhar useless by still having voter card for voting. Other political party and media kindly corporate and make india corruption free