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At least 54,000 mangroves spread across 13.36 hectares (ha) in Maharashtra will be razed to the ground for the upcoming Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project. The Mangroves are an essential part of the ecology in Mumbai's coastline preventing floods and sustaining the environmental damage done by the city's teeming population. 

I am not from Mumbai but I feel strongly about the environmental impact of such a mass slaughter of trees, especially the Mangroves which hold together the loose and wet sands of the coastline. Although the government has assured that they will plant five times more trees to compensate for this , it is highly unlikely that the promise will be kept and even if five sapling are planted instead one razed tree, it will take them at least half a decade to reach the size and capacity of the ones that are standing now. We all know by now that climate change is real and approaching us at a rate that was not anticipated before. Temperatures are increasing every year, water problems in cities like Mumbai & Chennai are at an all time high. This has to stop and the government is answerable to those who are against this deplorable massacre of Mumbai's beloved mangroves. 

Help me reach out to the concerned authorities by signing this petition. It's time we walk the talk, if not for our sake, at least for the next generation. Save Mumbai's mangroves , bullet trains can wait.