SFI's violent campus politics in CUSAT, Kerala.

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I am a student of Cochin University of Science and Technology (personally a nonpartisan), hailing from Kalamasherry, Ernakulam. We have a party based union here in CUSAT. The union usually belongs to the SFI grads, due to the result of their unethical  violence used on students(With all due respect to SFI comrades in other campuses). Bottom line, students are scared to stand up against the SFI. The Students Federation of India (SFI) has become more aggressive this time resulting in a series of violent incidents in CUSAT campus as they are starting to loose their grip on the CUSAT union. They are becoming more impulsive and violent over time which even led to an attempted suicide of a 1st year student last year which attracted a lot of media attention. And we students, can't take their abuse and suppression no more. There are solid proofs of their vandalism and violence in the campus( videos and pictures). They are constant culprits of campus ragging and what not. Now recently, they've been moral policing around the campus, a boy and a girl was walking around the campus when 2 SFI comrades verbally and physically abused both the boy and girl just to show their authority on the campus premises. And also the fact that they include the local DYFI members for the violence and vandalism. Recently, they even trespassed into some students private hostel and brutality beat them up(the picture above shows their brutality). We came here with an objective, and that is to study and not to be abused and played up like puppets and also, a university campus should have a friendly atmosphere to focus on academics and so on, not some place where students beat each other to death. They are plotting up issues day by day to destroy the peacefulness of the campus and we students (who are not in their party organisation) are constantly threatened by it. I hope that you will give concern to my request. 

Thank you.