Save the Mariners. One name. Mohun Bagan Athletic Club. One jersey. Green and Maroon.

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This is an SOS from the supporters of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club to the good spirited football lovers of Kolkata. A club which was established in 1889 and since has been an integral part of the history of Indian football, is about to be renamed either ATK Mohun Bagan or Mohun Bagan ATK. They probably are planning to come up with a new logo and a new jersey too. They are using fancy words like merger. DON'T BE FOOLED! THIS IS A CLEAR CASE OF ACQUISITION. We must find a way to avert this. 

Let us make it clear to them what we think. We, the supporters of the Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, have no issues with the RPSG group as our majority shareholders as long as they do not interfere with the branding. The ATK has had a good run. But it must end as a brand as it doesn't even come close to the legacy that is Mohun Bagan.

What we demand is simple:

  1. The only brand that should remain is that of the Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, along with the logo.

  2. The team jersey colours should be the same as earlier - Green and Maroon.

This is a dark day in the history of national football. No history of Indian football would ever be complete without clubs like  Mohun Bagan AC, East Bengal FC and Mohammedan SC. This is an attempt to erase that legacy. Therefore, all dedicated football lovers are requested to sign and share this petition as a mark of support. We will not let our dear club vanish like this. This is what 'Kolkata' is. These clubs are an inherent part of being a Bengali!! Don't let them take this away from us!

Share and spread this as much as possible so the relevant authorities have to take note!