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Save the IT Industry of Lucknow, Save TCS Lucknow

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Tata Consultancy Services has decided to shut down its 33 Years old office in the Capital City of Uttar Pradesh. Is this the end of the dream of Lucknow becoming an IT Hub?

The company’s move is set to put the jobs of more than 2,000 IT professionals, working at the TCS Lucknow centre, in jeopardy. With almost 50 percent of those working in the Centre being women, living with their families in Lucknow, finding a new job or shifting to a new city might well be an immense challenge for them.

Moreover, once an organisation such as this moves out of Lucknow, the IT Industry in the city is over. This will not only impact the current companies in Lucknow but also stop others from investing in the State. The direct result of this would be loss of jobs for individuals, loss of revenue for State, demotivation of thousands of IT freshers out of college, etc. The indirect result is something that we cannot even think of.

Its upto the residents of the state to come forward and sign the petition to save Lucknow and the entire Uttar Pradesh from stepping back into an era where we where unaware of what IT was. You could be a student (wanting to work in Lucknow in the future), or could be a parent (wanting your children to stay with you during their work career), or could be a professional (wanting to look for better prospects in the city only), it doesn't matter. It is not for an individual organisation, it is for the growth of the City, the future of the City.

Let us sign this petition and make sure that the Government of the most Populous State of India does not let IT Industry slip out. Moreover we plead to the Government to make Lucknow the new IT hub of India, invite more organisations to invest here, and make Uttar Pradesh great again. Let us all come forward together and save TCS Office in the city.

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