Save over 33,000 trees from being chopped in Uttarakhand.

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In a country where over 30,000 people die each year due to the worsening of air quality, in a country where the expected 33% of forest cover came down to as much as  21% in 2015 and 12% if we talk about dense forests, in a country where the national capital wakes up with a blurred vision and burning eyes, the government has decided to chop down more than 33,000 trees in Uttarkhand for an over ambitious project called the Char Dham project which aims to connect the four hindu shrines.
The so called solution being provided for this environmental loss is afforestation. First of all, we are not sure of how effectively this exercise of afforestation will be carried out. Secondly, planting young saplings in place of 33,000 fully grown trees will not make up for the environmental loss at all.
The cutting down of these trees will further deplete the forest cover in the country and events like this will eventually will make the existence of mankind impossible in India. If we do not stop the government and bring to their notice that we as citizens do not support this destruction of our environment and that we care about our's and the next generation's life, I am afraid that the environment will take it's revenge.
I request everyone reading this to sign this petition and to share it as much so that it reaches the the National Green Tribunal and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and they can stop this bizarre threat to us and the generations to come.