Save Hindus and Hindu Culture

Save Hindus and Hindu Culture

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Harijan Hindu started this petition to Narendra Modi and

We are a group of Indians concerned with preserving Hindu heritage and Hindu rights.

Looking at the picture of the petition, a normal eye will see a typical Hindu temple But it is not, it is actually a Christian Church who misappropriates the Hindu culture to further their propaganda.

I want to clearly mention that it is not that they built a church on any abandoned or destroyed temple, they actually built a church in the form of Hindu temple and also call it "Kadi Unteshwari Mata Mandir" but do the Puja of Jesus and Mary inside.
We demand termination of central government funding of the so called “Kadi Unteshwari Mata Mandir” (christian missionary institution under the garb of a Hindu temple) in Mehsana, Gujarat with immediate effect.
This so called “mata mandir” is NOT a Mata Mandir. It is a christian church.
This church has misappropriated, stolen and completely hijacked Hindu architecture, Hindu terminology, Hindu appearance, Hindu rituals and rites in order to FOOL and MISLEAD the innocent Hindu population of the villages around Mehsana for their nefarious missionary activities.
It is with great disgust and horror that we discovered this christian church masquerading as a Hindu Mandir in rural India. The intention behind this fraudulent and deceptive design being very clear.
The only thing that pained us more than seeing our unique and inimitable Hindu culture and heritage being blatantly and horribly mimicked and faked, is that all this Trojan assault is funded by a Central Government Institution programme, supposedly for disabled children.
We are deeply anguished and perturbed to not only see such traps being set for Hindus in the country of their origin but also with the support of their very own central government!
The following web link exposes the modus operandi of the missionaries operating in Mehsana.

Also we found some of the view recordings of the Christian propaganda to disguise as Hindus, 

and also with audio

Going through their website and the videos will leave you flabbergasted over the shameless audacity these missionaries exhibit while misappropriating and digesting Hindu culture and turning it into a trap for unsuspecting Hindus to fall for their masked christian missionary zeal.

It may also be worthy to note that the government specifically prohibits receipt of foreign contribution by charitable organizations/NGOs for religious conversion, whether by inducement or by force.
The above situation is a classic example of conversion of innocent Hindus by fraudulent misrepresentation and inducement. And how very ironical that Government itself is indirectly funding such activities.
If you overcome the initial trauma as a Hindu and read on, you’ll discover that the choice of words and terminology in the text clearly indicate a deep study of Hinduism and local sentiments and belief to specifically target Hindus and present Christianity as a mere extension of Hinduism, thereby completely concealing the missionary and religious extremist zeal of the missionary activity.
The resident priest is referred to as “Mahant” of the “Mandir”.
A Mahant is the religious leader of a Temple or an Ashram in Hinduism, not Christianity.  
And a Mandir is a Hindu temple, not a christian church
In the same way, the Hindu concept of Kulmata is completely misappropriated for their nefarious missionary purposes, took out of context and simply inserted with the alien figure of Mary.
Every Hindu family and tribe has a Kuldevi/Kulmata or Kuldevta. Irrespective of region and language.The worship of Kuldevta is one of the oldest elements of Hindu daily life. It’s deeply connected to Hindu heritage, Hindu lifestyle and Hindu identity.
Kuldevis und Kuldevtas of Hindu tribes are encoded in Hindu scriptures and lovingly passed down from generation to generation and worshipped by Hindus during their most auspicious occasions, i.e. marriage, name giving ceremony of their children, home inauguration ceremonies etc.
The christian Mary, mother of jesus, is definitely NOT a Kulmata. She is not part of Hinduism and can definitely not be a Kulmata/Kuldevata because a Kuldevata is instituted/installed through "Praan Pratishtha" as per Aagama Shastra. If Mary were to be kuldevta in a temple it would go against the basic tenets of Christianity which is against idol worship.
We wish to emphatically state that nobody has the right to distort, misappropriate and digest Hindu Shastras, Shrutis and Deities for deceptive and nefarious purposes.
Imaginative, invented and fictive concepts don’t have any value for Hindus. Hindus attribute reverence to things which are SANAATAN, - meaning without beginning and without end. Anything that falls short of this simple measurement is not worth adoration or reverence for Hindus.
This kind of corruption, theft and vicious attack on Hinduism therefore is nothing but an assault on Hinduism aimed at hurting Hindus, their religious sentiments and very specifically destroy Hinduism itself and lead Hindus away from their faith.
The same goes for the wrong usage of the word Guru. The christian jesus does not fulfill the definition of a Guru as per Hinduism.

A Guru, as per Hindu definition, is someone who gives Knowledge of the Self and leads his disciples' Aatma to Moksha.

अनेकजन्मसम्प्राप्तकर्मेन्धनविदाहिने ।
आत्मञ्जानाग्निदानेन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥९॥
- Guru Stuti from Guru Gita 

9.1: (Salutations to the Guru) Who Burns away the Fuel of Karma (results of works impressed on the mind) Accumulated over Many Births,
9.2: By Giving (Kindling) the Fire of Self-Knowledge; Salutations to that Guru.

Neither Knowledge of the Self, nor Guru nor Rebirth, nor Vaasanaa, and certainly not Karma have any kind of significance/ nor are spoken about in christianity.
The audacity to call jesus a Guru is as impossible as finding english words for the terms Guru or Karma.
They do not even exist in christian literature simply because christianity does not offer any kind of insight about them.
The most shameless feature of this hidden missionary church is that they pride themselves with building this temple in typical Hindu Gujarati and Solanki style.
Nothing could be more worthy of abhorrence than theft of a Hindu architectural style in order to fool innocent Hindus.
Another striking thing about the website is the orange color background which many people would mistake as Kesri(Saffron), - the color considered holiest in Hinduism. This is in stark contrast to the black costume of the catholic priests. Black is not worn by Hindus on religious functions since it is not considered auspicious. (You see pictures of catholic priests if you browse the website in conversion section “Becoming Catholic).  
Our earnest appeal is that the Government of Gujarat and Government of India must immediately take action against people and institutions working to deceive and convert innocent Hindus into Christians. History has given us enough examples of how missionaries and Islamic invaders have subjected Hindus to all sorts of torture and deception to establish supremacy of their religions. Temples were destroyed, women and children were brutally killed. India is now a democracy and hence we see lesser violence and force comparatively. But, the agenda of these religions have not changed nor have their objectives reformed. 
As we understand, the last standing Hindu majority nation is India. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia have all been brought to their fold. India remains and with the kind of activities that we have cited above, they are trying with all their might to break this last bastion as well.
Before it is too late and before we lose faith in the government, we urge you to take comprehensive measures to protect the oppressed majority of India - the Hindus and the very cultural fabric of India.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!