Reduce reservation IN NEET PG!

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Aspiring doctors have it hard enough to crack NEET UG, do well enough and still not make it while somebody else who's performed dismally can still hope to make it by means of their religion or caste. This is extremely unfair but with debate, can be justified at the UG level.

On graduating from Medical School, doctors have to strike a balance between working long hours at the hospital and the Herculean task of preparing for NEET PG. 

Even after doing so to varying degrees of success, he / she can only hope for the best outcome while their classmate, having studied at the same college they have and thus being given the same opportunities, similar quality of education and clinical skills can still be more hopeful of getting a raw deal through NEET PG, on the basis of religion or caste. 

This is wrong, not only to the thousands of students who unfortunately fall under the "General Merit" category ( whose seats can still be taken by people who can opt for other categories ) but also to the patients who come to the hospital, who have the right to expect a certain degree of competence from the doctor treating them.

Its time to stand up and make our voice heard, against caste based reservation in higher education in India.