Put into place a 24/7 helpline for sexual assault victims in India

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There are an average of 92 reported rape cases in India every day. That means there are possibly 100 more that we don’t even get to hear about. And these numbers show no signs of falling; in fact they have only gotten worse. If our leaders are not prioritizing and realizing the issues that pervade our society, how are we to expect change? How are we to leave our houses not constantly looking over our shoulders? This is why I think exercising our power in this democracy is important. Let us come together and help create a safer environment for us and the future generations to come . We keep blaming society. But do we not realise that WE make up society. WE are society. And it has to start with us.

This petition is just a step in the right direction to make things better. Statistics show that crisis helplines empower victims of sexual assault to use their voices. A lot of variables influence their decisions to even report these crimes to authorities. The immediacy vs. delayed response is thus a huge factor in actually catching the accused. Many walk free, and move on with their lives, without facing any consequences because the victim does not remember, or chooses not to relive the trauma after some time has passed. Helplines enable the victim to give details from a fresh memory thus, accelerating the process to bringing these criminals into custody.

We need a number, such as 100, exclusively for sexual harassment. If someone is in an unsafe environment, feels threatened, is being harassed or assaulted, this needs to be available to them so that the authorities may be immediately alerted with their location and the situation.

There are over thousands in the United States, as well as many in the UK. Why have we not taken the same steps to have a national helpline that covers all the cities in India?