Saving future of 16000 jet airways employees

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Since last month jet airways financial crisis is making the headlines of each and every newspaper. We , the family of these employees of jet are hoping for it's survival each and every day. The lender's revival plan was the only ray of hope for us. But all these hopes now seems shattered. Our livelihood and source of income is completely dependent on jet airways.

I demand for the instant financial help for jet airways by the government. There is a urgent need for the revival plan as soon as possible. Otherwise this airlines will be bearing crores of loss each and every day. It will make it more difficult for it's survival. I want to appeal respected prime of India, Shri Narendra Modi to look into the matter as soon as possible.

I am daughter of one of the jet airways employees. My father has been associated with jet airways for more than 20 years. But at this stage , loss of his job Will be a huge setback for our family. We would need to compromise with our every dream and aspirations. Even pursuing my education would become quite difficult. The survival of jet airways is necessity for us. We are also citizen of india and the tax payers of nation and we have contributed for the development of nation. Thus seeking help from prime minister is our right.