Plea to Stop the Rent Demand #NoRentFromStudents

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The Ministry of Home Affairs has given stern instructions on eviction, passed an order with detailed measures to restrict the movement of tenants and strict enforcement of the lock-down. However, no cooperation or understanding is being extended by the 'landlords' regarding relaxation or waiver of rent money in these difficult circumstances.

The problem faced by students most of whom don’t get campus accommodation and come from all across the country is that we are faced with having to pay rent religiously, even though we’re not living in the said houses due to the lock-down, coupled with the fact that our parents can’t afford to continue to pay the rent as most of them are facing financial crisis themselves. Due to the lock-down, travelling to our rented flats and vacating them is not physically or even legally possible and we’re forced to keep paying the exorbitant rent with no relaxation. Especially the final year students who were supposed to pass out from with there degrees and vacate the houses by this May. The lock-down lifting is uncertain.

A personal dialogue with my landlord made him compare himself (an earning man) with me (a student). He claims that his only earning is through the rent business and a shop in Delhi, which sounded completely ignorant of my conditions and employment state, and later when I denied to pay rent, he asked me to vacate.

My friend's landlord said, ’My lease agreement is expiring, so it’s a humble request to all girls to collect your stuff from the building before 30th May 2020. After which they will not be responsible for any loss. If you want to extent your stay then kindly pay the rent.’

The average rent in North Campus is at-least Rs.10,000 and we are asked to pay this amount despite of the economical conditions of our families and uncertain lockdown extension.

We, the students of Delhi University, urge the government to please take a notice of this occurrence and take actions against these landlords demanding rent payment and threats of vacating the flats/PGs despite the inter state restriction on movement in action.

Its not only about a student from Delhi University. It’s about every student whose being forced to pay rent, not only this month, but for the coming months too.

Let’s stand together and urge our government to hear our plea.  


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