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Reservation - "An Atrocity Act" is a Curse to Bharat established by the most academically qualified politicians of very first Government of India just after the independence. The matter is not a single person should get an admission & subsequent job because of once surname, as this is absolutely unfair practice.

**For safe secure society and for stronger nation policies must be such that not a single student and citizen should feel let down in the path of progress. Policies With Absolute Fair Practice must be demanded.**

***Those who donate bIood or body organs does anyone knows their community or so called class and caste? Those who require bIood or body organ do they always know who the donor is? Army men who martyr for the nation, farmers whose food we eat, train driver on whom millions of passengers are dependent, para military men who dies for the nation, shopkeepers from whom we buy are daily needs does anyone knows aII these beIongs to what community and so called caste etc. When society we countrymen are so much dependent on each other for our survival then how can we be so biased, racist and accept divide and ruIe policy reservations. Think.***

1.The injustice that happened to so called lower cast by so called upper caste many generations back should not bear by this innocent generation. Education institutions from pIay schools to universities to coaching institutes all students, parents teachers and principals aII must march on road start a revolution to demand government to never ask its students in any type of appIication forms about filling details regarding caste, category, religion, minority etc. as it is racism and education institutions are suppose to make responsible citizens but if wrong questions are asked then don't expect students to become responsible citizens.

2. There are few professions like doctors engineers & civil services where only good academics & the merit should only be the eligibility to qualify. For example X & Y scored 40% & 80% respectively in medical entrance exam but, X got admission because of his so called lower caste surname basis & Y failed because of being in so called general caste but, what your common sense says can X will be a good doctor? No ways he won't be able to properly diagnose the disease & all strata people would be his/her patients. Life will be at stake. This same example applies for civil services & engineers as well. Engineers & IAS/IPS/IFS have to build the Nation. So how can government even think of taking risk of giving jobs in such field with no merits & credibility. 

3.Surnames are manmade & not a very ancient tradition. Don't believe in surnames. In ancient times till Siddharth Gautam (buddha) there were no surnames for sure. What is the surname of Lord Ram, Krishna & Sita, Raja Janak, Arjun, Buddha & all Sages whose name we have made our Gotra like Rishi Gautam, Bharadwaj, Kashyap, Katyayan, Sandilya etc. These Sages had only single word name. This is an example that are ancestors never had surnames.

4.There are professions where academically strong candidates are not really required but, certain jobs definitely require academically strong candidates for becoming doctors, engineers & IAS, IFS, IPS...compromises here is a threat to the health of society and building strong Nation.

5.Though Narendra Modi is the 2nd best PM after Lal Bahadur Shastri but, he cannot ignore vote bank politics to win elections. It is impossible in India. Reservation is a Curse to Bharat started by the most academically qualified politicians just after independence. Britishers were very successful in there divide and rule policy. Britishers did partition of Bharat with the help of there 3 loyal agents whom we always considered freedom fighters and immediately after transfer of agreement to which we call independence, our very first highly academically qualified government started Reservation Policy as another divide and rule strategy to break the Nation. Divide and Rule was very well taught and executed by britishers that was immediately carried and handed well by very first government of so called free India. I don't consider my country as free Nation because in 70 years of independence still there are many Laws and punishments laid down by britishers in pre -independence that are till date being carried. Such a Shame for us. Why all the advocates from all over the country since independence never came together and filed a petition in Supreme Court to abolish all the british laws to make Bharat a really free Nation. Calling Bharat as India is a true sign of still being ruled by britishers. The name India has no meaning.

6. No Nation can ever develop with discrimination policies. This is simple divide and rule that britishers taught traitors to rule the country, simply vote bank politics.
Reservation has more deepen the struggle, hatred ness & belief in casteism has deepen because of struggle.

7. Solution is only economically underprivileged students should be given scholarships & free tutorials arrangements by government only to study & clear entrance exams for civil services, medical & engineering & only on merits they should be given admissions & again scholarships by government for completing medical & engineering degrees & finally employment only on merits. This is the ultimate solution. Central & State Governments always had sufficient funds but, it is corruption & exploitation that has made our country poor. Therefore reservation not even for poverty line is needed. Quality education with least expense for poor needs to be initiated & strictly implemented with quality mid day meal. 

8.Very important point our government should make every school & colleges INCLUSIVE. Children with disabilities and special needs also have the right to education just as normal children do.

9.*Important Point on - SC/ ST Atrocity Act*

Government of India please answer the Nation when in our country women & children belonging to high or low class including boys are when raped/ bullied in private or public in schools or colleges in street or at home by their peers or teachers & principal or other ordinary or politically connected culprits never ever the criminal has ever been arrested easily & punished immediately & specially when the criminal is a politician or politically connected then arrest is impossible. Why so? Why medical tests & questioning is being done on victim.

In case of SC/ST Atrocity Act why simply on a complain any so called general caste accused is immediately arrested & punished without immediate enquiry & investigation. What proof a person has that he or she was bullied because of their surname.This is not an innocent world such Acts are very badly being misused to take revenge & spoil the lives of innocents. Without proper investigation immediate arrest & punishment is an extreme injustice. 

10.***Very Important Point - when numerous students from high strata (either by caste or financially or both) of society are ragged/ bullied by their peers or teachers & principals & because of which many commits suicide & many with extreme mental strength bear the pain & move on in their lives, these victims & their families never ever asked for reservations in education or employments for exploitation they suffered? Transgender citizens were always been ill treated by our society & were kept away from education & employment. Transgender never asked for reservations. Then why "Reservation - an Atrocity Policy" exists for Surnames. Government of India & State Governments please remember that majority of tax payers are from your exploited so called general caste citizens who are also a huge part of your vote bank.

***Sri Narendra Modiji you are very important to us. For fighting terrorism, for protecting country from pakistan, china & refugees from bangladesh & mayanmar only your strategy will work we know that. To keep our Nation high internationally you are needed & there is no doubt in your calibre but, we so called general caste can no more bear the pain of Reservation - An Atrocity Policy & misuse of SC/ ST Atrocity Act. One Nation One Rule Equality & Justice for all is the only simple expectation from you. Please Stop being biased for political gains.*** 

All my fellow citizens of Bharat you are requested to sign this petition to abolish "RESERVATION - AN ATROCITY POLICY" in education & employments to get justice & equality for one & all. We have to fail all the political parties who wants to divide & rule 130+ crores of people of our country. 

"Every single drop of ocean makes an ocean" every single signatures of yours counts as tomorrow it will be in million. This is not just my petition, it is yours as well. Please share it to maximum contacts & lets get united for "ONE NATION ONE RULE POLICY".


Alpana Chaubey

Your fellow citizen, Bharat.