Postponement of JEE mains 2021

Postponement of JEE mains 2021

8 April 2021
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Started by Amit Bhansal

This is ridiculous. We jee aspirants get less than one month between the 4 attempts. Till last year we used to have atleast 2 months time to prepare for one of the toughest entrance exams but this new change is not very pleasing. (I know that Jee mains is not that tough but Jee advanced aspirants and droppers also participate in this which is making it more difficult. They're appearing for this even though when they're not going to join in any colleges offered for their JEE Mains mark).

Don't we deserve to write this entrance exam after our board exams gets over? What's the problem in keeping JEE mains - remaining 2 attempts after May? In the news they say all safety measures will be taken, but that alone keeps everyone away from the new covid wave? Really? Can you assure that no one will get affected by this virus ?


We are not asking you to cancel the entrance exams. WE JUST NEED MORE TIME coz this lockdown has hit our studies really hard, affected our mental health, triggering stress depression,trauma as we haven't attended any proper offline coaching. Everything happened online, we're helpless.We want Jee mains to be held in JUNE.


Hope we will get our desired announcement soon..



This petition made change with 883 supporters!

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