Modify the caste-based reservation system in India

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I am not against reservation, it is necessary for the upliftment of all those sisters and brothers, who lag behind us for generations. But as per my experience, I have seen only a certain class of people taking ADVANTAGE of this system, and INSULTING the very philanthropic efforts taken by our ancestors. If, in broader sense, this system is to provide equality of all, then why some of the SCs and STs use this repeatedly? I am clarifying my point-

  • One is admitted to school in reserved category
  • Again he/she gets this advantage while admission to college
  • This continues with the job applications too

It means, one is given extra benefits in all stages of life. If he/she can get a good position once using the quota, why does he/she need it for the next step? I have also seen people who are well established in life, but still taking advantage of the system for their children. When you have money, why do you need a reservation to make more and more money?

India, being a largely populated country, has considerable amount of people having reservations, but the way it's being used, only a handful are getting benefits and literally they themselves suppress others who really deserves reservation.

My pledge is that, let the system stay, but make it modified, so that in every corner of the country, people gets benefitted. The persons who are well established in their life, should not (or rather, must not) use quota anymore. Let them come to general category, no problem, but this way, the real deprived people will have a seat vacant for them. I know, people will not give this easily. So, there should be a law to limit the use of quota system by one individual. Also, the family background be checked before giving any advantage, it should never be based on caste, but on economic basis.

Let everyone be benefitted.

Thank you.