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Anna university results are fake. All students face huge depression seeing their results. If someone expects a grade for scoring 75 and above he is failed or he gets some low grade or surprisingly he gets the highest grade which is totally irrelevant to what he actually attended. Also for applying revaluation anna university charges 700 ruppers for a paper, and the grade changes drastically to a higher grade. Also there is a feature termed as "Challenge" which allows a student to pay 3000 ruppees inorder to apply revaluation for the paper which received NO CHANGE in results from the already applied revaluation. If results change then 3000 will be refunded but if doesnt then 3000 is a loss for the student, then the student totally loses 3700 ruppees which shows that for a student to get the grade he deserves he should pay an extra 700 ruppees or risk his 3000 ruppees for every paper apart from the exam fees he pays ! Just imagine the money anna university earns in the name of revaluation!