Improve laws for the prevention of animal cruelty

Improve laws for the prevention of animal cruelty

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Animal cruelty is defined as  the infliction by omission or by commission by humans of suffering or harm upon any non-human animal.  There have been rampant issues of cruelty to animals in the past month alone. Imagine how many there will be in a year! That is 19,208 animals ( and counting) , going through pain, suffering, and violence in a span of just 5 short years. This needs to stop and we need to speak for the voiceless. This is why we ask you to sign this petition - to save lives. There shouldn't be a just fine for hurting an animal - after all if you hurt a human, there are much more severe consequences. 

Here are some horrific events of animal cruelty :

A nine-year-old community dog living in a Galleria Mall in Hiranandani Powai was brutally raped with a 11-inch wooden stick inserted in her private parts and was  in a critical condition. The Powai police have registered an FIR in the case. Devi Sheth, a software engineer who knew the dog well and took her to an NGO for treatment along with other animal feeders from the area, said the dog was bleeding profusely from her private parts. The veterinarians suspected a foreign object could be the cause of the bleeding and managed to remove a long wooden stick which had been inserted into her private part. “Noorie is in tremendous shock and isn’t responding. We could see tears in her eyes,” Sheth had said. Three veterinarians from World For All (WFA) who performed surgeries on Noorie for hours during the night till the wee hours on Friday, found that her intestines had ruptured and multiple organs were damaged. At one point during the treatment, Noorie’s heart had stopped beating and she stopped breathing at one point. 

This is one of the many cases which happen every single day. This is why we need to do something.From 2012 to 2017, there have been 19,208 cases of animal cruelty in India.  A few more incidents of animal cruelty in 2020 was when a man threw a dog off a bridge. The dog miraculously survived and was rescued by someone who fed him every day. Another case of animal cruelty was when a woman from Lucknow crushed a puppy with her heels. Another case was when a 65 year old man raped a dog. The list goes on and on endlessly. What did these animals do wrong? Nothing - they just paid the price of showing trust and affection towards humans.

What happened to those who hurt the poor animals? They pay a small fine, get off on bail and carry on with their lives, possibly injuring another innocent animal.

This is why we have have started this petition :
1. The perpetrators should be strictly punished so that this incident serves as a deterrent and a lesson for those who harm animals.

2. To increase the penalty for animal cruelty because right now you can inflict the most unbearable on a dog, cat or any animal and will walk away by paying 10-50 rupees as fine.

Under the current Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, the fine for a gruesome act of cruelty under Section 11 stipulates a penalty of between ONLY Rs 10 and Rs 50 for any act of cruelty. This is nowhere near the level of justice that is needed.

The only way to prevent or deter people from committing such crimes is to increase the penalty and use it as a deterrent. It should be  a non bailable offence with compulsory jail time with such a sentence that the offender would think twice about hurting an innocent animal again.Just how one would be punished for injury or murder or rape of a human, one should be punished for doing the same to an animal.There should not be a line which divides animals and humans in such a way that animals can be hurt and injured by the humans but are nearly beaten to death if they defend themselves. 

Please sign and share this petition, post it on your social media so that every single animal who was injured or even touched inappropriately gets justice & every innocent animal out there is not subjected to such cruelty ever again

Join our fight for justice so that no animal is ever tortured the way the above and many more were.

*We have not shared any pictures as people should not need to see the horrible crime which has been talked about.*

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!