Impose plastic tax at source for all products with plastic packaging

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There is a lot of plastic used in the packaging of consumer goods. As our consumption patterns change to more packaged foods & in home ordering, the extent of plastic waste an average household has grown significantly. And all of this plastic is single use. 

Single-use plastic is designed to be used for a few minutes and then be thrown away. It disappears from our lives quickly, but in the environment it can remain for centuries, polluting our oceans, waterway and soil, and hurting animals and people.

Since the 1950s, over 8 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced, and it is estimated that by 2050, plastic production will quadruple if we don’t change course.

Our planet can’t take anymore. We need urgently to stop plastic pollution at its source. We need corporations to move away from single-use plastic. Urging them might not work. We need a market linked solution.

The solution is to impose a tax on the product proportional to the extent of plastic used in the product. Every product using plastic in its packaging or otherwise will have to go through a tax evaluation and approval process. 

Imposing a plastic tax makes the cost of plastic higher, and this would mean that using alternate materials which are recyclable could become viable. At scale adoption of these plastic substitutes will also reduce their costs. Over time as plastic tax increases, alternates becoming more common eventually removing plastics from our lives.