Death Penalty For Rapists

Death Penalty For Rapists

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There is no need to argue around the fact that rapists deserve the Death Penalty in it's most brutal form. Unless this is done, the condition will not improve and perpetrators will keep getting away with the heinous crimes they commit. A rule like this will make them stop and think before they proceed to do anything so disgusting. 

As responsible citizens of  a democratic nation we must take advantage and make happen things that should have happened long ago. However, we are not having anymore of this bullshit of guilty leading normal lives. 

We are taking a few steps forward to make this a reality but for that we need mass support. We need you, all of you to support us in this journey of having true justice served. 

Signing this petition will be the first small but extremely significant step towards our goal. And you can make this happen so please support, and share. Spread the word, LET'S DO THIS!!!!