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Criminalise calling an Indian Muslim as "Pakistani", with a Jail term up to 5 years

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Every day, Indian Muslims are being bullied, harassed and at times subjected to violent attacks by communal forces in India. Indian Muslims are derogatively called as “Pakistani” and often asked to “go to Pakistan”. These deeply hateful communal attacks on Indian Muslims are further fuelled by the Politicians, who echo the same derogatory remarks, giving legitimacy to hate mongers. 

Indian Muslims have been an integral part of development and growth story of India. Over the several centuries, Indian Muslims have shaped Indian culture, cuisines, architecture and technology. Countless patriotic Indian Muslims have participated in Indian Freedom struggle against British Raj. Several of them sacrificed their lives, which ultimately led to the Independence of India. To till date, Indian Muslims have a strong tradition of serving and sacrificing their lives for various institutions of India such as Indian Army, Navy and Airforce. 

Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind that, the glorious land of India is much of that of Indian Muslims as that of any other citizen of India. When called upon duty to defend, Indian Muslim would never hesitate to sacrifice his/her life for the cause of the nation. Its ironic that some of the best known patriotic slogans were first raised by Indian Muslims. Some examples compiled by Prof. Ali Nadeem Rezavi are below: 

  • The slogan "Madare Vatan Bharat Ki Jai" was coined in 1857 by Azeem Ullah Khan, which would later translate to “Bharat Mata ki Jai”.
  • The slogan "Jai Hind" was coined by Abid Hassan “Safrani”.
  • The slogan "Inquilab Zindabad" was coined by Maulana Hasrat Mohani
  • The slogan "Bharat Chhoro (Quit India)” was coined by Yusuf Meher Ali, who was also the man behind the words "Simon Go Back".
  • The patriotic poem "Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna, Ab Hamare Dil Mein Hai" was written in 1921 by Bismil Azimabadi.
  • “Sare Jahan se achha Hindostan hamara”, or "Tarana-e-Hindi" was penned by Allama Iqbal.
  • Surayya Tayyabji designed our flag, the tricolour, as we know it today.

Calling an Indian Muslim as “Pakistani” is tantamount to denying the Constitution of India, which recognises the equal right to all citizens of India. We demand that the people who call an Indian Muslim as “Pakistani” should be criminally prosecuted and should be jailed up to 5 years, with minimum punishment being of 3 years.  

Secondly, we also demand criminalisation of anyone calling up Indian Muslims to “Go to Pakistan”. Such as call should be seen as tantamount to being an intentional or unintentional recruiter of terrorist organisations operating out of Pakistan.

We appreciate Honourable MP of Hyderabad Mr Asaduddin Owasi for bringing up the matter of criminalising anyone calling an Indian Muslim as “Pakistani” in Lok Sabha. We urge leaders of all Political parties to support to bring this law and ensure that no Indian Muslims is subjected to these derogatory remarks. 

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