Central and the States govt to have controlling stake in GSTN company formed to manage GST

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Dear Modi ji

As we all know that GST will be rolled out on 1st July 2017.

A company called GSTN shall manage the tax process .Please see http://www.gstn.org

 This GSTN right now is a company where GOI and state governments own 49% of the company while private entities including HDFC and ICICI own 51%.

Now we know that as per times of India report dated http://m.timesofindia.com/business/india-business/gstn-will-see-300cr-invoices-monthly/articleshow/58073734.cms there shall be about 300 crores invoices per month that need to be processed by GSTN.

As per the report there was also a proposal where GSTN was supposed to charge RS.10 per transaction that for now has been shot down by the government.

As the State and Central government combined do not own a majority stake in GSTN we will always have a fear that

1.What if GSTN passes a majority resolution and start charging us?

2 Will GSTN with whom we shall share private and critical information not share it ahead to other entities for some indirect gain ?

3. Will GSTN come under RTI act ?

4.If not how can citizens know the basic non confidential information of GSTN working. Like whether or not their policies are directly or indirectly helping companies like ICICI and HDFC who are shareholders of GSTN

To remove these doubt and reassure all persons like myself I request you to please

1. Let Centre and State government together have a majority stake in GSTN company if not own it completely.

2. Make sure GSTN come under RTI act

3 Make sure that the Indian government (state and centre combined) should have atleast more than 51% stake in GSTN

4  GSTN company should have majority directors as Government (state and Central government combined) appointed persons

5 Private companies like HDFC and ICICI who have a stake in GSTN should not be allowed in any process of GSTN as that would create a conflict of interest.Like for example payment gateways etc so used by GSTN should not use ICICI gateway or HDFC gateway, or ICICI ,HDFC credit cards , debit cards etc

6 Similarly we citizens of India should get an assurance that any company getting  involved in any work of handling and maintaining data and system for GSTN shouldn't be allowed in any other process of GSTN or take any direct or indirect benefit by virtue of being part of GSTN.

7. Ensure that there should be complete transparency in awarding work orders to maintain GSTN and

8 There should not be any overlap of work that could even remotely compromise the privacy of information submitted to the government through GSTN.

Hoping that these issues are redressed as soon as possible


Dear all , through this petition I would like to know your views also.

Are you guys comfortable by the facts that  all state governments and union territories in India combined own 24.5% of GSTN while ICICI Bank ,HDFC Ltd and NSE strategic investment corporation own 30% among themselves ?

Something is amiss..



Shailesh JOSHI