END RESERVATION for kids born post 2014. Free schools and quality education for ALL!

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Look around. What do you see? Increasing incidence of violence, hate crimes , rapes, corruption, riots in the name of faith/or for demands like reservation , rising pollution levels ,our ever increasing population , and the list goes on. Who is responsible? All of us ! Our society!

Why, we ask? Most of us will attribute it all to ignorance or illiteracy or lack of values.

Now, go back in time and think about your childhood. Your school days! Don't you think we are what our teachers , friends and parents made us ? In fact, I remember there were times I came home and fought with my parents over something my teacher taught me, telling them how they were wrong , teaching them instead! You all can relate , I am sure. 

What about the kids studying in government schools ? Do they get the same quality of education?

Even if some of them use their 'reserved category' status ,can they ever match their peers in elite colleges ? Is reservation really making them equal? The calibre of the meritorious ones among them is also doubted, isn't it ? For instance, When we go to a hospital ,do we get a little apprehensive about our doctor's competency if his surname is remotely indicative of any reserved category ?  

Also,there are countless number of people who neither deserve the seat nor are in any way backward but still pluck this low hanging fruit called 'reservation' in the name of caste .

Do we really want to keep producing inferior quality engineers, doctors and other graduates? We complain that our government offices are less productive. We have accepted  'sarkari kaam hai, waqt toh lagega' attitude . What else can we expect when 50% of those in service don't match the actual standards!  Do we really want our general category candidates to get more and more resentful with each passing day and look for ways to leave the nation ?

This system won't end overnight but let us start reforming and bracing ourselves for the change. Let's set a deadline.

Coming back to the topic of crime and lack of ethics and values - even in the best of schools when a 16-year old picks a fight and calls his 'back' outside the school gate , he is cheered and glorified by his peers, what does that teach him? It is cool to be violent? When he should have been taught a lesson (not a punishment that jeopardizes his future, but definitely something that creates a fear of law and consequences of wrongdoings), he is instead taught that he can get away with anything because his parents are influential?

I can't stress enough on how pivotal a role the school plays in shaping a child's character which in turn builds our society , our world!  

The need of the hour is REVOLUTIONARY teachers!

 I remember talking with my friend how we don't study about any major Indian revolution(of course we have had white and green), like there is French, American, Russian etc - our freedom fight is referred to as a struggle. Maybe it is time for an Indian revolution now ! We need teachers who don't just teach but create values and imbibe ethics  ! Those who have the potential to be role models and reformers. Those who can teach children how humanity is the supreme religion, teach without bias our constitutional values , spread the message of love and respect for all individuals and their faith. Our diversity and tolerance is our strength , let us embrace it! Problems like pollution , rising population will be dealt with in no time with the right education.

Improve the education, improve a generation !

The true challenge is to find such teachers. The only plausible way seems to be an all-India exam on the lines of UPSC- Civil Services Examination with 'ethics' carrying a substantial weightage ! And proper training for the existing ones!

Let us all request our government to start working out this change! Education is our only solution ! Let us end stupid vote banks that divide us. Let us all be equals in the true meaning of the word! 

We owe it to our future generation - a society that cannot be divided or made to fight on the basis of religion or caste! If Akbar could take the best of all religions and form din-i-ilahi (divine faith) with the idea of sulh-i-kul (universal peace and harmony), more than 400 years ago, why can't we ? 

Please sign this petition ! Let this reach our Government ! Sign for change.  

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