ICAI REFORMS: Change in Paper Checking System & Transparency in Re-checking System!

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The President of ICAI, Council Members of ICAI, Chairman and Director of the BOS of ICAI.

Dear Sir,

We are petitioning to mark our protest against severe misappropriation and flaws in Paper evaluation and re-evaluation System of ICAI.

We on behalf of the students and members of the ICAI request you to ensure Transparency in the EVALUATION System of the ICAI's Answer Sheets. We need the reforms at the fastest possible pace as this one aspect is playing with the career of thousands of Students.

There are several instances of students' examination copies in CA Intermediate and Final, where the examiner has clearly violated the "Code of Conduct" in evaluating the answer sheets. Therefore,

1.     We demand for the option of re-evaluation to be included in the curriculum and amendment in CA Regulations,1988 for the same be made.

2.     We also demand that the results of those students who have been unfairly failed , be rectified as soon as possible.

3.     Finally, we urge you to set the reforms on strategic mode so that a more fair and justified method of evaluation can be put on place. 


Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Thanks and Regards,

CA Students and Members.