Call for permanent employment for every youth in Haryana under the "Saksham Yojna" scheme.

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Honorable Shri Narender Modi ji,

The Prime Minister of India


I wish to express my deepest concern on the current status of youth in Haryana. As we all are aware, the current situation is that millions of educated and well qualified youth are either unemployed or severely underemployed, due to which, there is s deep despair running through their minds regarding their future and the welfare of their families.

What is even more disturbing is the way these unfortunate youth have been literally taken for a ride in the name of "Saksham Yojna" that was launched by the current BJP regime through its Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar on November 01, 2016. The stated goal of "Saksham Yojna" was to provide either permanent employment or unemployment compensation of Rs. 6000 - 9000 to each of Haryana's youth.

It is extremely disheartening that despite the tall promises made by BJP in its manifesto and the subsequent launch of "Saksham Yojna" for the same purpose appears to be nothing more than a cruel joke played on Haryana's youth.

Only 414 candidates out of approximately 72,000 who registered themselves under this ambitious scheme have got a permanent job. This amounts to only 0.5% of the total registered applicants. Is this what the youth of Haryana chose vested their trust in BJP for?

The conditions of Haryana's youth have deteroited due to the lack of employment opportunities in the state. And the state government is incapable of bringing jobs and sufficient resources for the upliftment of unemployed Youth in Haryana.

The current status of "Saksham Yojna" shows that the BJP’s government in Haryana either has no intention and will, or lacks the capability to fill the huge gap between the existing and required rate of employment generation in the state. One can even question if the present government even understands the gravity of the issue that it faces!

Sir, if at all your government has the welfare of the state’s youth in its mind, I would like to request you to clearly lay out the actions that the state government of Haryana has taken or plans to take to provide permanent employment or unemployment compensation as promised to each and every applicant of "Saksham Yojana."

In absence of any clear response, I would be left to assume that this scheme was nothing but a sham like hundreds of others that BJP has launched to take the innocent public of India for a ride. I would be forced to take this message to the people of the state and ask them to judge your government’s performance, or the lack of it.

With regards,

Pankaj Kharbanda