Narcissist Abuse should be criminalised under the 2015 Control and Coercive Abuse Act

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Millions of us from all over the world are suffering or even killing ourselves because of this invisible insidous psychological abuse. Yet it's going unrecognized by law because providing evidence of this type is near impossible according to police officers and this has to change. If Narcissist Personality Disorder is medically recognised by Doctors and is listed in the DSM 5, then why is the law not recognising it and using it in a court of law? We deserve validation and justice just like any other victim of insidious crime. In my own case I have been persistently abused mentally, physically and with criminal damage of my home for 14 years. I have suffered appalling abuse of every trait in the DSM 5, of Narcissist Personality Disorder. I have been to the point of suicide because one of the abusive traits is a smear campaign, and twisting of the truth. Yet.....I am still fighting for uneducated police enforcers to believe I am a victim of psychological abuse. I have C-PTSD, as many victims of narcissist abuse has, ive had a psychological assessment with mental health Professionals, I've been told by them my abuse was insidious over a long period of time and I was very likely groomed from the very beginning.....that is 14 years of abuse!

None of us felt we were being emotionally manipulated and abused until it was too late. Please join and sign the petition so victims like myself can seek justice for the pain and suffering we've endured. Our relationship was fake with these people, they purposely went out and conned us with lies and the abuse so insidious, normal minded people cant believe it, and that only worsens our abuse. But....I am not alone. Millions of us from all over the world are suffering and even killing themselves because of this invisible  insidous abuse. 

...The Controlling and Coersive Act is already in place, I/we are asking for a change in it. A change that includes Narcissist Abuse so victims can receive validation and justice