Maadi Road/Wycliffe Street - Turn off the no right turn arrow!

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The Napier City Council (NCC) need to re-programme the traffic lights at Wycliffe street, into Kennedy Road into Maadi road and back again; going the other way, from Maadi Road into Kennedy Road then into Wycliffe Street.  If they can't do it, they need to get someone with the experience to do it.

At both intersections, The right turn stop arrow should turn off after a short delay (5 seconds according to NZTA, see below) just like it does at Taradale Road into Maadi road traffic lights.

The lights were clearly installed to help with congestion/flow around peak/school times getting from Maadi Road into Kennedy road and through to Wycliffe including safety for pedestrians, but have actually caused just as much hassle as they have solved problems. It's common for cars to be strewn across both lanes of Kennedy road and both Wycliffe and Maadi, due to the lack of time to get around the corner before the red right turn arrow is on again.  If you were the second car to leave Maadi road into Kennedy with the intention to turn right into Wycliffe, you wouldn't make it before the yellow light turns on. Then you need to wait at the red arrow while the intersection clears and no cars are coming.

It should be a simple process to get changed, but my polite requests and voicemail messages have been ignored, hence this petition.

NZTA (NZ Transport Agency) Stops and goes of traffic signals book "Right-turn and left-turn arrow operation" chapter 7.1 suggests: "When consistency across the network is not met, motorists may be confused. Care should be taken to ensure that similar phasing philosophies are used at adjacent intersections (like Taradale Road) and preferably throughout the network."

It also states: "There are some standard operating procedures for turn arrow logic (Austroads Part 7, 2003), including holding the right-turn red arrow for five seconds before dropping it (like Taradale Road) when changing from a protected turn to a filter turn, and bringing a red arrow up at the same time as the adjacent full red."

It goes on to suggest: Recommended treatments
The correct sequence for a transition from a protected right turn to a filter turn involves holding the red arrow for five seconds before it is switched off.

Clearly, these lights have been installed and forgotten, leaving motorists and local residence frustrated unnecessarily.


Photo Credit: NCC