Respect Caldwell Vineyard's Right to Farm

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Caldwell Vineyard is a family-owned, estate-grown Napa Valley winery established in 1981 on AW-zoned land where agriculture is deemed the highest, best use. We applied in 2016 to modify our winery use permit so we could make wine from all the grapes we grow, and sell all the wine we make. Like all small winegrowers today, selling direct to consumer is critical for us to stay in the black and keep our family business going for the next generation.

Our application for increased production and visitors was reviewed by County of Napa staff three times, and each time they concluded it complied with all applicable County standards. (These include very detailed rules about traffic increases, environmental impact, safety, water, etc.) 

But the County Planning Commission voted to deny our application, because a very small handful of residential neighbors decided to oppose it. (You can read the details, including the many things we did to try to address and resolve our neighbors' concerns, in our full Appeal on the County's website, here.)

By signing this petition, you're telling Napa County's Board of Supervisors to uphold family wineries' right to farm agricultural land.

For years our County's land use policies have recognized that on agricultural land, the right to farm takes priority. Residential neighbors don't get to decide what agriculture looks and sounds like -- but that's exactly what's happened to us.

Family wineries like ours are the heart and soul of Napa Valley. Please sign (and comment!) to tell the County to follow its own land use policy, and respect Caldwell Vineyard's right to farm.

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