Start new season of your Lie in April with happy ending

Start new season of your Lie in April with happy ending

3 May 2020
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Naoshi Arakawa
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Started by dhruvil shah


Here is my story for author

The author can start the new season by that arima kousei, tsubaki and watari won something and they go to a remote village for a picnic where they see Kaori but memory loss that kaori didnt really die in the surgary but loss her memory.she is so depressed because of her weird and scary dream the parents left her with maid there because they went to other country to earn money so they can do treatment of her memory loss. they promise wiith kaori if something happen to her then fake her death. she didn't want kosei to suffer more due to her illnes and pass her letter to kosei so he forget her

her first attempt in operation of bone marrow goes fail and she ended up with weak body in childhood there is very low possiblity to survive from second surgery but she survive and ended up with memory loss due to shock and depression

but maid really don't care about her so much. Because of her weird personality. then she meet arima at beach side. arima know in some minutes that she lost her memory after hearing from maid. she haven't any friends in that village. she has some feeling of friendship from arima so she try to make comfortable talk with arima. then arima takes her to his house and try to gain her memory but she forget all thing with ever her power to play violin and the kosei and other try to recover her memory now it's kosei turn to save kaori from her dream with full of depression

then after a incidence she got her memory back and 

kaori and kosei able to play once again now but she can't hear violin and kosei try to make her remember  with her piano.if they can't make new season then ova is also satisfied

after doing some completion kaori able to play violin then tsubski and watari give up on kosei and kaori and the ended up together with happy family.

if author REALLY want to kill kaori then kill four friends on accident or something and in ending show us heven where kaori and kosei play duet and watari and tsubski listing with nice smiles and it's also should be fair ending for friends forever

There should be new start of friendship love with some comedy scenes of kosei with kaori

let's share this Petition as much as you can so we can get again that friendship and love and power of music in season 2 you have 100 years just share it too hard so this thing pass through author Naoshi Arakawa. I really wish that I get your Lie in April season 2 even if story is different from mine

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Signatures: 474Next Goal: 500
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