We want Nando's to keep their chickens in a humane environment. Stop animal cruelty.

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Sadly, it has come to light through video footage and on the news that Nandos are treating their chickens in a very cruel way. They have no space, are being stepped on, necks broken through lack of care. Whether you choose to eat meat or not, most people believe that the meat comes from an animal who had freedom and a healthy diet, who was treated respectfully and humanely.

To have an animal treated as cruelly as Nando's is treating their chickens is absolutely shocking, unacceptable and disgusting. How can anyone justify saving a few pounds in exchange for an animal suffering for its entire life? Chickens are very easy and cheap to take care of and the healthier and happier the chicken, the better eggs or meat they produce.

This cruelty needs to end. In this day and age, you'd have thought this would be a thing of the past. Like you, I was ignorant of the fact Nando's treat chickens in an incredibly cruel and inhumane way. The video footage online is absolutely terrifying and disgusting to watch.

Sign the petition. Boycott Nando's until there is a positive change. Change a life. Be a better person and more humane than Nando's. Whether you eat meat, love chicken kebabs or are a vegetarian or full on vegan, this cruelty should NOT be happening.

Make a change. Please. Stand up. Be the voice for these hens. Be the good in this world. Be the kindness in nature. Be the change you want to see. Say no to cruelty. Say no to Nando's.