Make Swindon’s New Nando’s Halal

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Our families love Nando’s.

Muslim community in Swindon and nearby areas were longing for Nando’s to come to our town. But when the first Nando’s restaurant was opened in town centre a couple of years ago, it turned out to be not offering Halal chicken. Few months ago, we got to know that a new branch of restaurant is opening in Orbital Retail Park North Swindon, and there was a lot of talk in community that it will be Halal. To our dismay, it was not the case and the new restaurant is also serving non-Halal chicken.

The nearest Halal Nando’s are in Bristol and Oxford and we in Muslim community have to travel there if we ever want to relish grilled chicken with spicy, tangy, lemony and garlicky peri peri sauces.

Let’s support us and make new Nando’s at Orbital Retail Park Swindon Halal so Muslim families could also have one venue to dine out locally and feel more involved as part of wider Swindon community.....