We Want a Police Reform Bill NOW!

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Due to unchecked police violence in this nation, we are requesting an immediate police reform bill. When police brutality occurs, police are allowed to conduct their own investigations of their own misconduct. In some situations a neighboring police department will conduct an investigation of misconduct. This is a conflict of interest.

We demand a bill that requires all police departments in this country be investigated by democratically elected, independent civilian review boards; which have the power to investigate police, and also bring charges against police. These boards must have subpoena power. These boards must not include current police officers or relatives of police officers. The people on these boards must not be appointed by local Mayors, or Governors. We want the ability to vote for the members of these boards and have them give us the accountability and transparency which is needed to protect the people. We would also like a push for more de-escalation training, body cam footage release policies, less than lethal weapons used by police, and implicit bias training for all police officers. The police are here to protect and serve the public. Give us justice