Tell Congress: Support the Vietnam Veterans Liver Fluke Cancer Study Act

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Vietnam Veterans have been increasingly diagnosed and dying from a rare form of cancer - Cholangiocarcinoma. Many veterans and surviving spouses have been fighting an uphill battle with the Department of Veterans Affairs to have them acknowledge that this cancer is directly linked to the veteran's service in Vietnam years after their return from the War. (

This past Friday, three representatives from the state of New York introduced the Vietnam Veterans Liver Fluke Cancer Study Act. This would require the Department of Veterans Affairs, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control, to conduct a study to determine the prevalence of “liver fluke” amongst the veteran population and the link between a veteran’s service record and affliction, paving the way for veterans to claim a service connected disability under their Veterans Affairs benefits. 

Please ask your Members of Congress to support the Vietnam Veterans Liver Fluke Cancer Study Act:



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