SAVE 94% OF SOLE PROPS & BUSINESSES - increase the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) ASAP

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The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) helped only 6% of US businesses. The ones hardest hit have yet to be helped. Let’s increase the PPP ASAP to help the 94% of other sole proprietors, small businesses and contractors stay in business and preserve the American dream. 

In just 12 days, the entire $349B allocated to small businesses for the PPP has been exhausted. Only 1.6 million of the reported 30 million small businesses in the US have been approved. That means 94% of businesses have been left out, and we haven’t even counted independent contractors!

Of all small businesses in the US, nearly 75% are sole proprietors and self-employed. Many of the sole proprietors are in industries favorited by Americans, such as the personal care services industry, among others. 

Not weeks, not days… but HOURS matter for every single affected business. There isn’t time to waste. 

If we don’t do this, the backbone of our economy and American dream -- all of the small business owners and sole proprietors and contractors that are bold enough to take risks, employ others and dream big-- face devastating economic loss.

The PPP is a critical lifeline to preserve our small businesses, our sole proprietors, our contractors and most importantly, our American dream. We need to take action NOW.

Advocates in our community, like Kristin Snyder of Uniting Beauty, showed us how impactful is for making our voice heard. 

PLEASE join us in petitioning to increase the size of the PPP fund ASAP, and preserve our dreams of a healthy American future.