Stop our Tax Dollars from Funding Their Cover Up

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Since the 2016 elections Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives and the rest of the Democratic Partie have done absolutely nothing except waste millions of OUR hard earned money which we pay in taxes to help with things such as infrastructure, on destroying our dually elected President Donald J. Trump. The US House of Representative and Senate are elected by us, they work for us and they are not doing their jobs! Their hate for the President and loss of power is greater than their love of this Country. They are using our money to fund their agenda of lies, and deceit in order to cover up their crimes. The left is trying to take away our right to elect who we want to run this country!! Stand we me today to demand that the LEFT stop using our hard earned tax dollars to railroad our President. It is our job, the job of the American people to choose if President Trump stays in power or not, if he really deserves to be impeached then it will be done at the ballad box in the 2020 election. Sign your name below to demand our money be used to fund things such as infrastructure, clean up metropolitan cities like Baltimore, fight homelessness and the so many other important issues that Congress has failed to address in the past three years. We the People need to stand and demand that Congress do what's right!!