IMMEDIATELY Increase Paycheck Protection Program (PPP Loans) Fund to $850B

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Please put aside politics, increase the size of the PPP fund by $500B to $850B total, and let's help main street small businesses get back on their feet!

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the lives of small business owners (SBO) and their employees. Main street businesses (SMBs) have had a precipitous drop of revenue over the past few weeks. Two weeks ago, U.S. Congress signed into law the CARES Act stimulus plan that included a record $349B allocated to small business.

Unfortunately, in 12 short days, the entire $349B has been exhausted. Only 2,000,000 of the reported 30,000,000 SMBs in the U.S. -- only ~6.7% -- have been approved! In other words, 93.3% of SMBs have not had the chance to get the capital that they desperately need to keep the lights on.

Every hour that an SBO goes without much-needed capital is an hour closer to shutting their doors and laying off more employees -- adding to the 16m that have already filed for unemployment! If this PPP fund doesn't get increased ASAP, this will be devastating to the economy.

Meanwhile, we are seeing politics at its best in Washington DC. While both Democrats & Republicans squabble over items they want inserted in the new bill, SMBs are suffering. PLEASE join us in petitioning our politicians to increase the size of the PPP fund to $850B.