Don't Use Frontline Products made by Merial

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Please DO NOT give your pets any FRONTLINE PRODUCTS or products made by MERIAL. Chemicals used in this poison are (fipronil, (S)-methoprene and Inert ingredients (which do not have to be listed) Some side effects caused by these chemicals include: seizures, sores and hair loss, lethargy, confusion, excessive drooling, depression, diarrhea, excessive thirst, breathing issues, rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite, losing control of back legs, shaking, itching,  stumbling and falling.  Some dogs and cats have even died from this. Please go to our website and see what can happen if you apply this to your pets. The web page is We have to get this taken off the market and very soon. Each and every day we are losing fur babies to this poison. Please sign the petition to help us get this taken off the market. Thank you.