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Nanaimo Daily News: Issue a front-page retraction and apology, taking full accountability.

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The Nanaimo Daily News has repeatedly printed racist letters against Indigenous peoples. The latest letter printed has been met with an outcry from the public against their continued willingness to unapologetically print racist views against Indigenous peoples.

By publishing Don Olsen's racist editorial, the Nanaimo Daily News has given voice to a form of racist ideology usually reserved in this day and age for fringe websites.

The Nanaimo Daily News needs to be held accountable to ethical publishing standards concerning racism and openly anti-Indigenous attacks.

The current apology by the paper is one which does not take full accountability for the act of publishing this hate speech. They said:
"While we would defend Mr. Olsen's right to hold and express his opinion, the sentiments expressed were entirely his own and in no way reflect the views of the newspaper."
This apology is not acceptable. We demand the Nanaimo Daily News take accountability for its actions of publishing this racist editorial.

UPDATE: I have had a request for a link to the original editorial by Don Olsen. While it has been (thankfully) taken down from the site, it's next is posted in a Huffington Post article. I do not want to exactly spread the racist message constant throughout it, but it may help people understand the gravity of the situation. Here is the Huffington Post article, the text of the editorial is at the bottom:

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