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Earlier today (February 3rd, 2017), Colby sent a picture to a select group of his friends, amounting to 12 people total. The picture in question was of an unrecognizable adult male, wearing jeans, a sweater, and a black beanie, carrying what appeared to be an assault rifle or AR-15 into the Columbia High School cafeteria. Colby had captioned the photo "We boutta die". This picture raised concern among several of the people it was sent to, one who, in turn, informed their teacher. It was inadvertently let slip that Colby was the one who took the photo, and he was promptly called down to the security office. The Nampa School District Facebook page soon released a statement saying that the person carrying the weapon was the CHS Resource Officer, Officer Workman, and that the gun in question was in fact a fake, used only for demonstration purposes. However, as you can see from the picture, it was not immediately apparent that the individual carrying the gun was in any way affiliated with CHS. Additionally, from the distance the photo was taken, there were no visible markings to suggest that the gun was not operational. In response to his actions, the school suspended Colby for 3 days, relieved him from his duties as a student PC technician, threatened to remove him from the school robotics team, and told him there might be additional criminal charges pressed against him. There is an argument to be made that the caption Colby put on the picture was inappropriate, as was his overall handling of the situation. However, I, and many others, do not feel that it warrants anywhere near the punishment Colby has received. In fact, the real issue here is that an adult male wearing nondescript clothing walked into a school openly carrying what appeared to be an operational weapon. If SRO Workman had been wearing his uniform, or if the weapon had been concealed in a case of some sort, this entire ordeal could have been avoided. However, as it stands, neither of those criteria were met, and to an onlooker such as Colby, who as a quality, rule following student, was not familiar with Officer Workman, it seemed as though a random person was entering his school with a gun. For bringing this information to others, Colby was suspended, among many other things. The way Columbia High School and Nampa School District have handled this situation has been unprofessional at best, and should never have happened in the first place.


Furthermore, they cited "disruption of education" as grounds for Colby's suspension. There was little outcry over this photo - perhaps some scares within classes, but nothing too widespread. Most people who saw the photo were told it was the SRO. The school did nothing to remedy any supposed panic - the only statement regarding the incident was in the form of a Facebook post. No announcements over intercom, no nothing. They say that Colby disrupted education and scared everyone, but if it wasn't enough for them to come on and say "everything is fine" then it is not enough to press these charges against him.

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