Save the climate. Ban all forms of animal slaughtering in India (not only cows)!

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Animal agriculture is one of the biggest causes of climate disruption. India maybe can't immediately stop industrial emissions but we can certainly stop animals from being reared and butchered and at that massive a scale. Check this.

Here's why I think India is one country best poised to take this stand:

  1. Our population is predominantly vegetarian so making this shift would be easy. The country can't waste this opportunity to display leadership and set example for the world
  2. If there is one thing that defines India, it is how ardently over the ages we have espoused the value of non-violence towards life in all form and fashion. If we're getting coverage for being top meat exporter in the world (and rapes!), clearly as a country we've lost track.

For all those who are still thinking "but what's in it for me?", here's what's in it for you: Reduced chances of cancer, heart ailments, stroke, diabetes, kidney diseases, impotence and more.

It's time we stand for the right thing. It's not a religious matter. Certainly not a political matter. It's a matter of what's right for the planet and the life around us. Let us give up for once the me-me-me business and think of the bigger picture. I request you all to stand with me on this petition.