NAPKWA ( Namibians Against Passion Killing and Women Abuse )

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Almost every month in Namibia, the news headlines are being hosted by passion killing! We need change in our beloved country Namibia. Women's are no longer Respected, and decipline towards ladies needs to be practised.

NAPKWA is a newly yet to be approved movement against women abuse being  lead by Josia S Kasheeta (26). The mission is to protect Namibian women rights, and eliminate passion killing in Namibia. Together with the ministry of Safety and Security if approved, we'll fight the war against our womens passion death.

In addition to the statement stated by Namibia's founding father Dr Sam S Nujoma, in which he said those that are killing womens should be buried alive is what pushed and motivated the movements foundation.

This movement yet to turn into a safety force will be in charge of eliminating mens that are killing womens. If a men kill's or rape a women, he shall be buried alive. If a men beats a women, he shall be dealt with through heavy corporal punishment. 

Please help sign the patition and keep our Namibian women at  peace and safe.