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Save The Seals Of Namibia

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Seal Hunting is a crime against nature, which is why it is banned in almost every country. Every country except Greenland, Canada, and Namibia. As a matter of face, Namibia is the only country in the Southern Hemisphere hunting seals. Rough estimates put Namibia as the second largest hunt after Canada.

Namibia has killed more than 400,00 seals. Averaging about 8000 a year. Just like in Canada, the baby seals are clubbed to death. While the bigger males are riddled with bullets. Unlike the Canadian harp seal, the Cape fur seals in Namibia are agile on land, resulting in multiple blows in order to kill them. It's not uncommon to see baby seals throwing up milk while trying to escape or mother seals suffering miscarriages due to the trauma.

The little seal pups are turned into fur, while the genitals of the males are ground down into traditional Chinese medicine. The blabber that is left over is used to make omega 3 pills. So far Namibia has exported 33,000 gallons of seal blabber, 5000 pounds of genitals, and 400,000 pelts.

It is beyond cruel to club a seal pup to death, yet Namibia remains the only country in the Southern Hemisphere to continue this practice. Please sign and share, together we can outlaw seal hunting in the entire southern hemisphere.

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